Welcome to the world of AI

Hi, I’m Cesar de Godoy, your knowledgeable guide into the fascinating world of AI.

Free AI Resources at Your Fingertips

Here, I offer an expansive collection of over 9,200 prompts specially crafted for ChatGPT, all absolutely free. Designed to make AI accessible to everyone, these resources don’t require programming knowledge or a deep understanding of AI.

Adding convenience to comprehension, every prompt is equipped with a copy button and translation support. Now, irrespective of your language or tech-savviness, you can tap into the power of AI.

Expertise Beyond AI – Omni Existence

Beyond the world of AI, I run a digital agency where I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of businesses thrive. We provide web development and digital marketing solutions, leveraging virtual teams for scalability and infusing AI to deliver superior results. This experience not only enhances my understanding of practical AI applications but fuels my commitment to making this technology accessible to all.