Cesar de Godoy

About Me

I’m passionate about wisdom, technology and anicent knowledge.

SKills & Experience



Web Development


Digital Marketing


AI & Automation tools


Web Developer & Digital Marketer

2011 – Present

I’ve built many websites during my time as a business owner and helped a lot of business owners on their way to realizing their dreams. This has been extremely valuable for me.

Swedish Armed forces

Mandatory Service & Professional Soldier

2006 – 2012

I learnt a lot about disciplin, work etichs and problem solving here. I excelled during the training and loved the combination of theory and physical training.

swedish armed forces says

Mandatory service

Cesar de godoy is ambitious, loyal and a very good soldier. Awarded diploma for the best liaison soldier in the liaison platoon. Awarded for having shown great professional skill in his position during the operation in Jokkmokk and in a critical situation shown a speed that no one has ever surpassed.

– Captain Henrik Petersson

Nordic Battle Group

“Cesar has a very good technical competence which has made him an authority in his field. Cesar has also used his knowledge to train his team members, soldiers and officers. Cesar is a good comrade, who always supports and helps his group members.”

– Lieutenant Martin Nilsson

 Nordic Battle Group

“Cesar is very ambitious and always gives his utmost. Cesar is very driven and enterprising.  Cesar has a winning attitude and always wants to show off, but he still always puts the group first. He works with much beyond his service that benefits others.”

– Lieutenant Anders Simonsson

Nordic Battle Group

“Has served as a radar operator. His enormous willingness to always be helpful has been a great asset. He has also never missed a physical session, but took every free moment available to train. He has also been a trolley driver and solved this in a good way.”

– Major Fredrik Skoglöf

What Business clients Say


“When you use Cesar you get an incredible service, we wanted to update our website but got a lot of tips about marketing and other things that developed our project.”

– Ismael Medawe


“Cesar has helped us with everything from a professional website to marketing, resulting in a sharp increase in customer inquiries.”

– Roger Mårtensson

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