Web development is the process of designing and building websites.

A website you own yourself

WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world, with over 455 million websites running on the platform. WordPress has a vibrant community of developers and is easy to use and maintain. One look at the variaty of websites shows you how dynamic, flexible and scalable the platform can be.

Sell anything and everything online

E-commerce websites are very popular and the potential has really been proven with major players like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba. WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform on earth, with over 6 million shops running on the plugin. It’s easy to adopt and extend, has a great community and a lot of features that can be added.

E-learning websites

E-learning websites are a great way to share knowledge and help others. You can easily create your courses and sell them. Currently, the number of LMS users is estimated at 73.8 million. The global e-learning market was worth USD 214+ billion in 2021. The best thing I like about e-learning is that when the course is done, you can sell it an infinite amount of times.

Turn your website into an app

Turn your website into a mobile iOS and Andriod app that Real-time sync with your websites. With a conversion process, you’ll have your app in no time. Add features like e-commerce,  e-learning and advertising networks.

See what other are saying

Doktor Cecilia Fürst AB

“Fantastic know-how and constant delivery of the latest possibilities for development and marketing. Cesar delivers where others see obstacles. Impressed and happy that we got this help with our website”

– Dr. Cecilia Fürst

Nordic Model Agency

“NMA has had the pleasure of having our site made by Cesar! We couldn’t be more pleased with the work he have put in. In addition to always pleasant treatment, he has skills that are hard to beat! Would recommend Cesar to anyone.”

– Kamilla Persson

Ask ChatGPT
Set ChatGPT API key
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