Cesar de Godoy

Hi, I’m Cesar, your trusty guide in the world of AI, a seasoned web developer, and a digital marketing expert with a unique blend of military discipline and entrepreneurial spirit.


My Journey

I’m not just a tech enthusiast. I’m an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience, a military veteran, and a lifelong learner. I’ve worked with a wide spectrum of clients in web development and digital marketing, gaining valuable insights into various niche markets and honing my skills in creating, marketing, and scaling businesses. But that’s not where my story starts.

Before my venture into the entrepreneurial world, I served in the Swedish Armed Forces, completing mandatory service and working as a professional liaison soldier. The discipline, work ethic, and problem-solving skills I cultivated during this time became the bedrock of my journey as an entrepreneur.

Accomplishments That Matter

My accomplishments span both the military and business domains.

In the military, I was recognised for my stellar performance, achieving the highest grade among 600 recruits in mandatory service, which led me to the esteemed Nordic Battle Group. I gained such technical expertise that I became a teacher to my fellow soldiers and officers. I even set an unparalleled speed record in a critical situation.

In the business world, I have a track record of delivering phenomenal growth for my clients — over 10x annual revenue in multiple niches. I single-handedly developed and managed a SaaS platform capable of hosting over 3.2 million websites. I even bootstrapped an e-commerce business with just 600USD and turned it into a profitable venture with a 25% profit margin within 3 months.


Beyond Business and AI

When I’m not immersed in the realms of AI, web development, and digital marketing, I relish exploring nature, absorbing wisdom from thought-provoking books, and cherishing moments with my family. My personal values of integrity, continuous learning, and making a positive impact permeate every aspect of my life. These are the principles that guide my professional journey and ensure you always have a genuine, knowledgeable ally in your AI journey.

Your Guide in the AI Universe

Now, I’ve turned my focus towards AI, and more specifically, the transformative potential of GPT. I’ve amassed a collection of 11,000 prompts that I’m eager to share with you, along with an upcoming crash course. My aim? To make AI not just accessible but easy-to-use, requiring no deep technical knowledge. Together, we can navigate this exciting new frontier.


Military Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from my time in the Swedish Armed Forces.

Nordic Battle Group

“Has served as a radar operator. His enormous willingness to always be helpful has been a great asset. He has also never missed a physical session, but took every free moment available to train. He has also been a trolley driver and solved this in a good way.”

– Major Fredrik Skoglöf

Mandatory service

Cesar de godoy is ambitious, loyal and a very good soldier. Awarded diploma for the best liaison soldier in the liaison platoon. Awarded for having shown great professional skill in his position during the operation in Jokkmokk and in a critical situation shown a speed that no one has ever surpassed.

– Captain Henrik Petersson

Nordic Battle Group

“Cesar has a very good technical competence which has made him an authority in his field. Cesar has also used his knowledge to train his team members, soldiers and officers. Cesar is a good comrade, who always supports and helps his group members.”

– Lieutenant Martin Nilsson

 Nordic Battle Group

“Cesar is very ambitious and always gives his utmost. Cesar is very driven and enterprising.  Cesar has a winning attitude and always wants to show off, but he still always puts the group first. He works with much beyond his service that benefits others.”

– Lieutenant Anders Simonsson

Business Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from my time as an entrepreneur.

Vital Medicine

“If you are looking for new solutions for your online business, I can warmly recommend Cesar. He can help you find solutions you didn’t know existed. “

– Dr. Cecilia Fürst


“The collaboration with Cesar has worked beyond all expectations. He has been responsive, committed, accommodating and proved to be extremely knowledgeable throughout the entire process from the first meeting to delivery.”

– Drago Boras

Quality Care

“When you use Cesar you get an incredible service, we wanted to update our website but got a lot of tips about marketing and other things that developed our project.”

– Ismael Medawe

Nordic Model Agency

“NMA has had the pleasure of having our site made by Cesar! We couldn’t be more pleased with the work he have put in. In addition to always pleasant treatment, he has skills that are hard to beat! Would recommend Cesar to anyone.”

– Kamilla Persson

Longstay Travel

“I can warmly recommend Cesar as a supplier of websites and all necessary up-to-date information regarding efficiency, marketing and all relevant follow-up. Cesar’s proactive & quick work is an important success factor for us.”

– Lars Wahlström

Vitala kosttillskott

“Fantastic know-how and constant delivery of the latest possibilities for development and marketing. Cesar delivers where others see obstacles. Impressed and happy that we got this help with our website”

– Stefan Jönsson


“I have been working with Cesar for two years and am more than satisfied. He has the deepest knowledge of online marketing, and is super fast and easy to get in touch with. Cesar has a big part in my company’s development, and can just congratulate everyone who gets to work with them.”

– Dr. Pekka Koskinen

New York Pizza

“We have hired Cesar for our website and are very satisfied with everything. So professional and accommodating and we highly recommend him. You won’t regret it.”

– Andrea Racz

Therese Wahlgren

“Cesar is incredibly educational and is always there when I need help. Listens to my requests and can intuitively tell how I want my website to be and made the website fantastic.”

– Therese Wahlgren


“Cesar has helped us with everything from a professional website to marketing, resulting in a sharp increase in customer inquiries.”

– Roger Mårtensson


“With Cesar’s help, I have a website that meets the highest standards and continuous improvement of layout and function. Super satisfied with the collaboration. Always quick response when you need help.”

– Daniel Brobjerg


“Cesar does a very good job with great knowledge and empathy! He also gets to know the company and products he works with, which is very good!”

– Håkan Nilsson

Protein varuhuset

“Professional, well-made website. Cesar was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, came up with his own ideas and tips, and taught in a very methodical and reasonable way. Always available when you need help. Extremely satisfied with the result.”

– Patricia Sederlin


“Thanks Cesar for a job well done. Quick feedback if needed. Full of ideas combined with knowledge and ability to implement.”

– Magnus Eklund


“Cesar is a reliable supplier, delivering 110% of what you want and more. He sees that everything works so that you are satisfied and is always there when you need help. I can highly recommend him to anyone I know who wants to build a website, app or do digital marketing!”

– Sylvester Efosa

Infinite Malmö

“Cesar is more than a web agency. He is helpful and think about the details. He always find comprehensive solutions and architect our websites that leads to sales or to our goals.”

– Zaynab Ibrahim


“Ive had the pleasure of working with Cesar on our website and graphical design. Cesar combines expertise with flexibility and a service mindset in a way that makes the whole experience from initial contact to final product great. Highly recommend!”

– Mouhamed Warsame


“Cesar gives a vigilant and professional impression and promptly delivers a result beyond expectations. Cesar came back with a neat proposal on how my website could be renewed in a modern and educational way. Cesar quickly grasps the customer’s benefits and delivers admirably fast and professionally. He is truly competent in his field. I can warmly recommend him for similar assignments.”

– Rickard Ljund